Friday, 27 November 2015


I will be sitting for End Of Module (EOM) Endocrine in just less than 5 days. I can feel my hearts beat too fast and I am super freaking nervous right now! This examination will be my 7th times sitting for EOM in this medical school but the feeling is totally same each time I want to sit for the examination. Ketaq satu badan tau dak.

" If I were you, I will target score. At least if I do not score I will pass but If I target pass, if I do not pass, I will ? - My mentor, Prof Zaid

I am not a bright student so I need to work harder. I will not simply pass if I do not work harder. I always remember this quote " Kalau kamu usaha lebih kamu akan dapat lebih dan begitulah sebaliknya". Sometimes, we need to sacrifice a little bit  for our own sake. Yeah, study is not an easy task. It needs courage and consistency for you to do that. Apa yang penting, jangan malas! Niat study kerana Allah, insyaAllah He will ease your way.

dont worry, Allah is always with us :))

p/s : Do pray for my success :)